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Our Construction Health and Safety consultants are able to produce, all health and Safety related documents including, project specific Method Statements and Risk Assessments and Pre-Tender Health and Safety Plans.  Oldham Associates also have in house specialist expertise of Contract Management and Contract Law.

A Health and Safety System within an organisation is required by legislation.  If an organisation employs five or more people it must have a written Health and Safety policy.

There must also be a management system within the organisation to continually assess and document action on identifiable risk.  Our approach to health and safety is to create a practical, working system and not a document that merely sits on the shelf.

We aim to assist our clients to review their working practices and existing management systems, to carry out appropriate and realistic risk assessments and to identify sensible control measures and establish practical management procedures to ensure compliance with legislation.

The most effective H&S  systems are those that are integrated with the other aspects of the organisations management systems. This approach ensures that health and safety is taken into account appropriately, at the right time, in the planning, management and monitoring of the organisations activities.

This approach is also a key part of the creation of a 'Safety Culture' and most effective as part of an organisation's approach to optimising the use of it's resources and expertise to improve it's performance and reduce risk.

Acting as planning supervisor under the CDM Regulations assisting principal contractors, designers and clients to fully understand and meet their responsibilities, development of pre-tender and contractors health and safety plans, contractors method statements and risk assessments, development of compliant and effective health and safety policies.

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